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We believe that the most important 3 words in marketing are...


Perfect Blend help you build effective marketing systems in your business through both training & implementation, ensuring your marketing is completely joined up

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If you don't understand what happens next in your marketing, how can you be sure that it's moving you closer to your objectives?

Group and 1-2-1 training sessions to give you the skills to build your own marketing system

A built-for-you marketing system, ensuring effective communication with new and existing customers

Perfect Blend are marketers, specialising in using technology to make marketing simpler and not more complicated for small and medium sized businesses. We train companies on email marketing (MailChimp) and marketing system development & automation as well as offering 'done for you' marketing.

We call ourselves marketing engineers - building effective marketing systems that work.

We are passionnate about marketing and making it work for you. We really dislike poor and shoddy marketing that isn't thought through, wastes money and doesn't help anyone.

To us, technology is not something to be feared, but something to be utilised. Technology should not change your marketing plan, but enhance it, ensuring it's measured effectively and used to make your life easier.

Whether it's training businesses on how to make the most of their customer database, or building a tailored system, it's about your customers and your business, coupled with our marketing and tech ability.

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Struggling to join the dots?

Robin Adams

Chief Marketing Engineer

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